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These days street crimes are becoming one of the common activities of people on streets. It is simply taken as the person to snatch the accessories of the people and disappear within seconds. The first thing that should be noted that street crimes are different from traditional crimes in the sense that they are mostly not committed by professional criminals. Researches have shown that a great rate of street crimes is being done by the young and poor just because of the poverty in their neighborhood. The lack of basic necessities of life force them to get involved in such crimes.

The other main reason for this is the widening difference between rich and poor. In the past, rich people were very eager in helping poor people but now the situation has reversed. The ethical values have faded away from which the poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer day by day.

Each single corner of Pakistan is affected from street crimes. Karachi is the most prominent name when it comes to street crimes. It is the very city that was once known as the City of Lights but now it is known as the City of Crimes.

It is not just the poor, but the rich are also responsible for the increasing rate of street crimes. The habit of showing off of the rich; When the lower class people look at the beautiful cars, new advanced mobile phones, jewelry; their heartthrobs for these luxuries which they are not able to afford. Thus, they resort illegal means to acquire these luxuries.

The ratio of unemployment is also responsible for street crimes as a good majority of Pakistani people live below the poverty line which also fastens the crimes.

In order to bring an end to this, we must educate our society because literacy can make a strong and peaceful nation. CCTV cameras should be installed at all street corners to assist the police in catching of the culprits. The black sheep in the police force should be detected and serious actions should be taken against them. We need to revert back to the basics of Islam which include equality, justice, peace etc. and it will soon show the good results. ­



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