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Dentistry is one of the best professions worldwide, from the best pay to the best restorations of your smile. Unfortunately, it looked down upon in our part on the world.

Analysis of recent surveys state that Dentists who specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics, the two best-paying subfields, earned $166,400 as of May 2010.


Talking beyond the earnings, even though both of them have similar courses, exam patterns and questions, Dentistry provides you a less hassle life compared to the typical MBBS course of night calls, post calls etc. It is even estimated that dental pain is pretty close to that of delivering a baby.

Call it illiteracy or whatever, but the sad part is that in our country, people count Dentistry to be a second opinion after their efforts to attain admission in MBBS fail. They fail to recognize that a dentist is equally or in some cases even more important than a general practitioner as your mouth, also referred to as the oral cavity is the gate way to your body. Any causative infectious organism is most probable to enter through your mouth.


It’s not like we love to deal with poorly maintained teeth, but the fact that we care for your aesthetic profile. Research estimates say that 85% of the people observe your smile at first glance which also your first impression. We, most importantly save your smiles and correct the defects or trauma that you fall victim to. It does seem impossible but works like magic! Some great examples can be witnessed below







Stating the complete list of benefits of this field shall exceed my word limit here. Anyhow, the population here instead of appreciating the importance of dentists, rather overlooks their importance. The most burning questions being,

“Dentist, is that even a doctor?”

“Did you yourself chose the field or were you unable to qualify for MBBS?”

“EEEWWW… who would ever want to look into other people’s dirty mouths!!?”


This is for all those educated shallow minded people who only count MBBS as a doctor, sometimes including the doctors themselves, Sir, we appear in the same tests, many of us were offered MBBS seats at first which we denied because we wanted to peruse dentistry as career. We pay far more than a typical MBBS student and surprisingly we study the same subjects as they do, just in a matter of 3 years we deal with almost all of the subjects while still specializing in Dentistry. And yes we are most fortunately, doctors!


So the next time you feel uncomfortable about your smile, pay us a visit. Because this is where the magic happens!


Written by: Azmaira Sodagar


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