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The Fighter and Director

Matloob Rizvi is the director and senior producer at Pakistan Television. He is also the founder of the Qomi Razakar Police in Hyderabad. Moreover, he has also received Tamgha-i-Jang for taking part in the war of 1971. Asking for his precious time when he was busy in working at the International Legal Education Conference 2015, I interviewed him for a couple of minutes.

Q1: What is your education background?
Answer: I have done my Masters in Sociology from the University of Sindh in 1974.
Q2: What made you actually join PTV (Pakistan Television)?

Answer: I have been a social worker from the start. I was the President of the debating society in Hyderabad and joining the national top channel of Pakistan gave me a blissful boost to share my stories and open up the society to a new level.

Q3: What do you think about the divide between the public and the private media?

Answer: In my opinion the divide between the two spheres of media is very good and healthy as it tends to keep a balance in the society. In the public media there is very little freedom as you cannot say things against government officers and your bosses, This division is necessary because journalism is freedom and the people need to know what is happening in their country in every way. However, it is to be noted that freedom is with responsibility and the private media sometimes uses it recklessly.

Q4: Have you ever faced censorship in your work?

Answer: Yes, I have gotten many censorship notices from the government as we are not allowed to easily criticize the superiors in our offices.

Q5: In your opinion, is censorship justified in any situation?

Answer: Sometimes censorship is necessary. Young journalists make mistakes many times. The censorship that you cannot talk against the army or the decisions of the judiciary is also positive as it makes sure that the court proceedings and the investigation of the security forces remain valid and do not fall under doubts.

Q6: Pertaining to the media industry, who is your inspiration?

Answer: Obviously the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) and the Cable News Network (CNN) are the greatest inspirations’ as the power of freedom that they have achieved is very rare. Their struggle for independent journalism is truly an inspiring journey and one which the media industry has to seek.

Interview by Ahmed Khalid (Team PS)

Matloob Rizvi

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