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The #Fixit Man

Alamgir Khan, is a social activist and a social media personality. He is well known by his campaign FixIt. What started as an attempt to “fix” the minor problems of the nation has now become a huge campaign to make the government fix not only the pot holes but also the man holes.
This is an awareness for the government by the locals. The Fixit campaign launched an app through which the local population can take the picture of the things they consider should be fixed and then share it on the social media to bring it to the attention of those in authority.
Later a case was registered against Alamgir Khan for hitting someone with his car. However, he did not let it become an obstacle and continued the fixit campaign with the same passion and dedication.
To change the world, we must change ourselves first. We all can make a difference by giving our best to eradicate the adverse

Story by Celeste Nixon(Team PS)

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