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The Games Of Luck!


This world has existed for millions of years at the least with billions of kinds of people, all with different kinds of faiths, believes and views. History tells us that the behaviours and believes evolved us according to the dimensions of time, progressive amendments of the absurd thoughts but some concepts can never change. Our lives however, have been greatly influenced by our ancestors and our extreme dependence on the available information and ignorance to the depths of literacy has made us victims of erroneous believes such as luck and we have ultimately blinded ourselves.

Man is the most advanced amongst the animal kingdom, we are given the capacity to reason and think, yet we seem to have bound ourselves within the chains and shackles of blaming a greater power when things do not go our way. Maybe it is God or sometimes it is just luck.

Long forgotten is the fact is that luck is just fiction within a world demanding realism. How often has it been that we have been in crises and ended up saying, “Oh God, what have you done to me?” or “Why is my luck so bad?”

What is luck? Simple, it is a play on circumstances, consequences, opportunities that YOU create. Maybe it’s a bit hard to absorb so let’s rephrase it. Luck is nothing more than a play on circumstances, consequences, opportunities you create by your actions.

Right now maybe you may be pondering, “How is that possible?”

Well, fortunately/unfortunately it is true indeed. Everything that happens round you, is for a reason. Sometimes they are planned but sometimes they are the results of our hard work or short comings. Even after writing our stories down, God gave us the brains to think and act wise.

Take an example from the daily life, you might remember having made this excuse at some point, “Sir, I did my homework but my dog ate it!” Let’s not count on the credibility of this statement but take it in its actuality. If a dog did end up eating your homework, only YOU are to blame. To put it into simple words, you did your homework but it was YOU who left it in a situation where the dog had access to consume your homework.

Let’s analyse another situation, you are driving in your car at a really high speed and suddenly a woman ends up walking in front of your car. You are about to ram the car straight into her until you swerve the car and it crashes into a wall. You end up paying expensive charges for bringing your car into normal condition. You blame your luck and the woman who walked in front of your car until you realize the fault in your logic. Wasn’t it you who drove the car so fast it couldn’t be stopped in time? Wasn’t it you who harmed your car in reality?

We all think we’re born into a system and can’t jump out of it. But the strongest are those who realize that they can jump from system to system and still remain adapted to it. They shape their own life, and don’t fall prey to the ideology of luck to blame their weaknesses on it. Be strong, and shape your own life with your own actions and help someone else shape their lives one day.

Written by Prince Mohammad Zaeem Quddussi


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