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The Goal Scoring Machine

We say that the game of hockey has been neglected and forgotten in our country. But we will never let the memory of our champions fade away from our hearts and minds. Sohail Abbas is a Pakistani filed hockey defender, penalty corner specialist and former captain of the Pakistan Hockey Team. His unpaired records are not only noted in worldwide books on hockey but also embedded in international rankings.

You think i am exaggerating? Look for yourself. Not only is he the first international hockey player to score 300 goals but he is the highest goal scorer in the history of field hockey, with his current goal tally at 348. Holding the record for quickest century of goals he has the highest number of goals (60) in a calendar year (1999) and he is the record holder for the quickest double century in international hockey. That’s only the icing on the cake. Mr. Abbas is the world’s most consistent drag-flick converter with a success rate of 65%. Furthermore he also scored one double hat trick and 21 hat tricks which has remained an unmatched record as yet.

Not only is it important to remember the game but it is highly significant to cherish those players who made the game much more interesting and historical for us. Therefore, Pakistan Speaks salutes the bravery and struggle of Sohail Abbas for brightening and shining the name of Pakistan.

Composed by Ahmed Khalid (Team PS)

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