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The Honking Karachi

The city of lights has sighted many severe problems in these past decades. But one of the biggest concern is this in these last 50 years, the city has got none future projects either you converse regarding the city’s waste disposal issue, firefighting services issue or public infrastructure development.

The growing uproar of buzzes and horns on the roads of the city not only between rush hours but also in off peak hours, all the main roads connecting to the towns and societies get flooded with vehicles.  The journey of minutes gets transformed into hours, the real problem arises for ambulances and fire tenders. But the real worry is local authorities have kept ignorance to this issue since decades. Around the world all the metro cities get their 50 to 100 years of planning regarding infrastructure, population and health. Unfortunately in last 40 years, people of Karachi have seen none major development except a tug of power between provincial government and local government.

The lack of supervision in city led people to find alternative such as “chingchi” and simultaneously boomed the sale of motorcycle in the city, which automatically turn out to be a huge chaos for traffic. People cannot be blamed for these type of substitute but authorities.

In past few years the government has built the overpasses and underpasses to make the main roads signal free and ease the flow of traffic however the plan have not been the great success and been not able to resolve the problem of the locals. The issue with the authorities is simply that, they crop up with temporary way out for the problems rather than a long term preparation for the issues. According to the figure given to Dawn News by director general of Sindh excise and taxation in 2014, there are around 1.25 million cars and 450,000 commercial vehicles and more than 50% registered vehicles are motorbikes. Now you can simply imagine the number of vehicles in 2016.

The local government and as well federal must look into the matter, the issue would not be resolved until and unless generating a proper plan for the city. The momentary developments such as widening of roads and signal free passages might ease the problem but would not be sustainable for long-standing. The major cause of this effect is the deficiency of public transport in the city; the officials must realize the city is starving from huge public transport infrastructure. Recently our neighbors came up with odd-even formula for their capital, somehow it seems useful and reduced the traffic chaos in the city as well the pollution.

By Paras Waswani (Team PS)

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