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The man of steel; Waqar Zaqa

Watching the evil in full flight and standing up against it, a heroic quality but how many of us bare it within ourselves? Not many I suppose, but there are a few who dared to do that and we instead of celebrating them, bring them down for other foolish reasons.

Waqar Zaka, a name popular amongst the masses for many a reasons. But none of these causes of fame do label him correct for the kind of human he is on the inside.

You know him because of the “Boss maine apko bola kia hai” but do you know what display of heroism he showed in Syria? I guess not.

Syria, yes the devastation caused there does stop us from work for a while and even moves us to tears but that’s like the end to our emotions. This guy actually stepped up beyond this limit of ours and went further ahead, right into Syria.


He saved around seven families and bought them houses in Gaziantep. Later on, moved by his actions, Turkey came forward to pay they rent for the next 6 months which estimated around $600.

We have a lot of humanitarians on facebook conducting various motivational conferences and speeches etc etc. but how many of these people reached Syria right when it was burning? Just one I suppose. Waqar Zaka is the only Pakistani to have reached Syria for his services and for carrying their message to the world with a camera and laptop.

Even the chemical attack couldn’t stop this guy from his services. His recent visit to Syria was indeed in the catastrophic times of chemical bombing.

Waqar indeed has built for us an image of an ideal humanitarian and taught us to come out of our comfort zones to the more complex levels of the real world, the war zone. Since it is pretty easy to criticize someone from your comfy couch rather that living upto their level and proving your point.

Team Pakistan Speaks appreciates your selfless efforts and wishes you good luck in your mission.

Article by: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

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