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The Man Who Always Want His Country To Prosper

Team Pakistan Speaks interviews Pakistan’s Former President and Retired Chief Of Army Staff Pervez Musharraf.
Question 1) How did the presidentship of Pakistan turn out as an experience for you?

Answer) Being the president of any state is always a great position to occupy. And to be honest, they were the best 7 years for me. I was previously the chief of army staff and, to have all the forces under me was a very great and positive experience for me.

Question 2) How did you feel being able to make decisions and manage this country on the whole?

Answer) This stature has undoubtedly taught me multitudinous things and enhanced my decisiveness immaculately. I always felt very pleased however, the great responsibility that came along required great diligence. As far as managing my country was concerned, I enjoyed it as the economy grew and I found my people happy. I won’t say I didn’t make any mistakes but everything is destined and it’s all about how you optimise the opportunity.

Question 3) How do you see the current political situation of Pakistan?

Answer) Pakistan is a one of the most compatible states and we can achieve what no other Islamic state can do. Things won’t get better until the top most government stops being irrational. If I would have been in the place of them, I would have already resigned. As people are not happy and neither is the economy growing. Pakistan has every natural resource except oil in a sufficient amount yet we are not stable. I’m not sure how can we call ourselves a stable country as we lack so much primally.

Q.4) What do you think about the current chief of army staff, Mr. Raheel Shareef’s retirement?

Answer) Mr. Raheel is a very positive officer and extremely concerned about the state, his retirement is obviously a great loss to the state but he has his own reasons. Being at such a position requires great assiduity, the pressure is always mounted on top of you, therefore it’s not really easy to handle & still I’m sure he is doing it quite well and I wish him the best of luck for this decision.

Q4.) What remarks do you have about our platform; Pakistan Speaks?

Answer) It is a great forum if the motives are clear and you people are on track. It is always important for people to know what is going on that our media doesn’t show. Telling people the positive points always motivates people and I hope you guys find success in what you are doing. All the luck to you kids for coming up with such an idea. This might be the beginning for something great. InshaAllah.

Interview By : Saif Ur Rehman(Team PS)

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