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The Passionate Deviant

Chaudhary Fahad Minhas
(Coordinator CBC)
#karachi #pakistan

“I’m not a civil activist, but a deviant”

I have been an introvert through out my childhood, belonging from two different societies, a village of mine in punjab and the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi. Life taught various lessons since childhood since I have been one of those passionate deviants in society who believe in performing more than speaking. The only major problem I have faced throughout since childhood is that it is very easy for people in our society to assume aspects related to an individual, unfortunately I have been a victim of this for years and years. But as they say, life is a book of lessons for all those who’re eager to learn. I try to learn from every mistake I make and changes alot in me for good I can assure. It is very convenient for people to mislook our motives from the outcomes so my effort is always to place everything in the right direction.
Its my nature to observe problems around immensely and conclude to a solution, atleast in the mind, be it our education system or the overall structure, I have been a deviant. Now, I use this deviance to help people around me, with all my potentials and capacity, though even the the society assumes your advantage by everything you do, but for me its my inner satisfaction that I worked for. As they say, you don’t become mature when you brainstorm big things, you become mature when you value the little things around you. And you’ll be surprised, they’re the ones usually available for free. Being the only son, and a member of our middle class, I carry alot of responsibilities and too much expectations from family, being a positivity digger, alot of friendly relations to take care of too. While I be criticised by the same people for being a ladder to every Tom, dick and Harry’s hurdle, I look towards the almighty to increase the frequency of the satisfaction HE provides me when I try to help his people.
My acts should rather justify my intentions, this is what I believe and my intentions are not to be called a social worker or a civil activist. I’m just a common citizen of Pakistan.


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