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The Rider

Zenith Irfan, A 20 year old witty lahori girl who set off on a journey to Kashmir and other northern areas of Pakistan on a MOTORCYCLE breaking all stereotypes. Awesome, no? Zenith is now one of the daring women of Pakistan who made us proud in front of the whole world. We are proud to call her a daughter of Pakistan.
Recently, Pakistan speaks got the opportunity to interview this wonderful being, Zenith Irfan :

Q)How would you like to introduce yourself?
I am a 20-year-old motorcycle aficionado, who is crazy, adventurous and an adrenaline junkie. I love riding motorcycles through the mountains of Karakoram and Himalayas. I also happen to be a filming maniac, editing and shooting in nostalgic and breath taking locations.

Q)When and how did you start riding a bike?
I was twelve years old when I rode one. I remember it was a Honda 70cc. I had a tough time managing both the gear and clutch at the same time. However, after riding continuously for 6 months, those months soon became years and here I am now riding vigorously through Kashmir and Northern Pakistan

Q)How did your first tour go?
It was one of the best things that happened to me. I never knew I had the capacity residing inside me to ride for such a long distance and embrace the freedom that the road offered. It was a liberating experience.

Q)Who is your inspiration?
My father. He wanted to travel the world on a motorcycle. At a very early age, he was recruited in the army, which meant he had less time devoted for his passion and soon later, he passed away. After discovering his fetal legacy, I thought to myself; ‘Hey, what if I travel the world instead?’ And that’s how the journey started.

Q)In a country like Pakistan, women are usually not given the right to take their decisions themselves. Did you get the support and encouragement you needed?
I’ll be honest with you here. Some do, some don’t. In Pakistan, women riders claim and ride in marginalized segments of society. You won’t find a woman to bluntly ride a motorbike without understanding the risks and challenges there can be. However, things are changing now. Thoughts are evolving, and the power of social media has created this awareness to ‘accept’ women who pursue their passions.
People have been incredibly supportive towards me. Moreover, a single liberal mother brought me up. In fact, it was my mother who actually wanted me to pursue this lifestyle. She is one amazing Ma.

Q)You have visited so many places on your bike. Which place was the most attractive one?
When I rode till Shigar Valley, Pakistan. The topography consists of a mixture of coniferous tress and white cold desert. The roads simply take your breath away.

Q)For a dedicated and passionate girl like you this question might be a little odd, but will you continue with your motorcycle adventures for the rest of your life?
Absolutely YES! There is no room for ‘not riding’ in my life. I have big plans to ride to the road less travelled.

Q)Did you face any challenges?
Surprisingly, none. I know it’s unbelievable but seriously none. The human spirit is capable of suppressing all obstacles once passion kicks in and I guess that’s what makes my journeys even more fun and easy.

Q)Lastly, is there anything that you would like to say for Pakistan Speaks and all those girls out there who want to be like you, who set you as an example but are not supported by anyone?
Do what makes you happy. In the end of the day, the jobs we go to or the education we receive are all concentrated towards one common aim ‘to be happy’. People often tend to forsake what drives them internally and thus compromise their dreams for a better lifestyle. No one wants to be 9 till 2 and regret what they wished
to do when they were younger. Be crazy, be comfortable in that craziness and above all believe in yourself.

Interview by: Mishall Dero (Team PS)


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