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‘The trampled upon gender’

Many people associate the word ‘tough’ to the male gender.But to me the tough ones are those who actually endure more emotional and physical trauma than most of us might have experienced, especially in the society of Pakistan where the people born with this strength are considered and insult and a punishment from God. Yes, I am talking about the trans-gender community. This special community living in our society have from birth been treated like de-generated,the lowest of the low. Imagine your own parents disowning you, the same bother that bore you for months looking at you with with disgust. Your parents discarding you, selling you to brothels. The education system denying you the right of gaining an education just because of your gender, being forced to dance at parties for a little wad of cash, being treated like an abuse, beaten and mis-treated by this society. These customs are common among the trans-gender community in Pakistan but now a major breakthrough for this community took place recently, when in the renowned band “soch” featured a trans-gender model Rimal Ali in their latest music video “dhola”. This is a major milestone for the acceptance for the trans-gender community. Rimal stated that she hopes the world would see her as a model/actress rather than a trans-gender one and be considered equal like other’s are in this industry, she also hopes that in the future we would be able to see many trans-genders in the glamour industry as well as being considered fairly in every walks of life. Here’s hoping that this does become true in the near future!

Osaid ali khan

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