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The Wall Of Kindness

While most of the world is running towards materialization, we still find hope because of the insignificantly amazing acts of charity happening around in Pakistan.
No doubt Pakistan is one of the most charitable countries of the world which donates 1% GNI (Gross National Income) to the poor. One of such charity sources is the “Wall of Kindness”.
Inspired by the same movement in Iran, two teachers from Bahria College in Karachi after a series of meetings and hard work initiated Pakistan’s first Wall Of Kindness on 15th of January’16. It’s purpose was to provide the poor and needy with clothes, eatables and basic necessities of life. People of the city actually do their best to work for this cause.
Ahsan Khan, a very talented Pakistani actor, played an important role by inaugurating another wall of Kindness in Karachi and in a very short time; a chain of these walls was seen around the city. People were actually witnessed leaving things like clothes and other necessities at the spot.
The very next month, the warmth of this cause came to Lahore and a number of Non-governmental Organizations and charity groups of students independently added to the act at different points in the city by the name of “Diwaar-e-Meherbani” and “Wall of Help”. The motto of this cause is “Leave what you do not need” and “Take what you need”.
The Wall of Kindness did not just stop there. It went viral around the country. Large number of people took part in the campaign and it reached the other cities like Islamabad, Sahiwal, Peshawar, Abbotabad and where else not. While talking to a news reporter, Asad Ali Lodhi (who started the campaign in Peshawar), told him that people responded to it very positively. Even today we witnessed a group of people who came to collect clothes from a place far away from Peshawar. That’s how rapidly it’s spreading.

No doubt Pakistan is a country of the most generous and kind-hearted people which again gives us a reason to love our country even more. We should not just read what other people are doing for the love of this country but also try our best to make this country a better place to live because our one drop of water can serve as an ocean for someone. We’re the future of this country so it’s high time we do something for it.
And remember, we cannot change and emit the negativities out of the system of our country if we do not emit the evil inside us. So the first step towards charity is the correction of our own selves.


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