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The World is Shrinking!

att_1475000294241_image_37279The world is shrinking. It’s shrinking at an exponential rate. No, it’s not shrinking the way you think. Not in the physical sense. It’s growing smaller because it’s easier to stay connected between parts of it that have thousands of kilometers of distance between them. It’s amazing! Social media is amazing.


Ask your parents how difficult and costly it would be to call someone living abroad. Just hearing a whisper of their voice, an ‘I’m alright mom’ was like trying to chase after a moving car. Maybe harder. But now, it’s simple. We are connected 24/7 with EVERYONE! How is it not amazing? Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Every social networking site has made staying connected that much easier. And that’s not all…. Social media has also opened new job opportunities as well as improve pre existing job sectors. Teaching through video lecture is definitely a thing now. Ordering stuff online is something that’s at its peak at the moment. But wait, there’s more. See those HOT Instagram models that you follow (don’t lie, shut up. Yes you do), they are getting paid through your likes by sponsor. Making vines and short films is extremely profitable right now.


There’s one more thing that’s just a massive development. We can help people in more ways than one through social media and no, I don’t mean that ‘one like, one prayer’ garbage. I meant, collecting funds, organizing funds and managing a team. It’s all done in the clouds.


While you sit, stand or lie there, reading this article, Just wonder how simple it is to reach out and just talk to someone online. In fact, there are many cases where you know people better on social media than you do in real life. I got to know spectacular people due to this magnificent creation. But I won’t be that arrogant as to simply disregard it’s cons. While connecting with people is easy, harassing them is just as simple. A few taps and clicks, and you have successfully learned valuable information about someone else. Personal information has become increasingly accessible. While there are safeguards that may protect you, they are only temporary as most of these protections can easily be bypassed.


So at the end of the day, it’s all about the good out weighing the bad and whatnot. I personally think that with it has more rewards than its risks but that’s just me. Anyways, carry on, the article’s over. Shoo! Go away!


Zohaib Hussain

(Team PS)

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