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There Is Something That Gives You Strength

“I got married in 2000. Our house is right in front of the line of control. One day, I was at home talking to my wife about how pleasant the weather was. Suddenly, sirens started blaring and firing started from both sides. We were not informed about the curfew. We thought that it would lift up in a few hours but it went on for weeks. After some days, our whole ration finished. So I had to take the risk to go out. Unfortunately, as soon as I stepped out, the shelling started and a metal piece hit me right in the middle of my throat. I collapsed. I couldn’t understand what had happened to me until my father came running and pulled me from my shoulder and took me back into the house. All I remember is that my white clothes were slowly turning red. I was half fainted when my wife pulled out the piece of metal with a hot knife and burnt my skin to stop the extreme bleeding. I don’t know for how long I was unconscious after that. But when I woke up I saw that my father had brought groceries from market during curfew relaxation hours. My throat hurt so bad that I couldn’t even swallow water, but when I saw my family having food, I forgot about the pain.”

“My happiness knew no bounds when my first daughter was born. The moment I heard the news, I felt something change inside me – I had become a father. I had to put myself after my daughter’s wishes. It was first time when I stayed hungry or ate less so that my daughter could fill her stomach. I was working as daily laborer before but it became difficult because I had to enroll her in school, buy her new clothes and toys. I believe my daughter didn’t only bring her own fate with her but also changed mine with the passage of time. After she was born, I got a job at a hotel. As she grew up, her expenses increased and I thankfully got a job as driver. I don’t understand how fathers can think of their daughters as a burden, I cannot even bring myself to scold mine! I also have a son and I love him as much as I love my daughter. I cannot ever discriminate. I never think that I should invest less in her because she will leave me one day and go to another house. I think of her as a blessing I will always remain thankful for. I am not doing any favors by bringing her up. I am trying to return the favor which she did for me by being born in my house.”

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