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Types Of Students In Every Classroom

From schools to universities, there are a few things common in every classroom; and among these few things, the most interesting one is the nature of different students. No matter where you study or what you study, these types are everywhere! So I made some categories of students and gave them some ‘cool’ names. Now sorting out your friends in these categories is up to you only 😀

  • THE NERDS: The students who usually wear ‘big round’ glasses, keep a pen in their pockets and are always ready to study! They sit in the front or center of the classroom, so that they never miss anything important and can write each and every word that comes out of the mouth of the teacher, in their ‘lecture copy’. BUT don’t underestimate them, these are the people you turn to when you have to complete your assignments and submit them on the same date 😛


  • THE BUTTERFLIES or LIFTERS: Couldn’t find a better name for these people! These students are average in studies but still they score REALLY REALLY REALLY good marks in almost every subject. The secret behind this? Their extraordinary quality of buttering the teachers!


  • THE JOKERS: That’s exactly my type! Never serious and highly sarcastic. These people can crack jokes on every single word that comes out of anybody’s mouth and can force you to laugh even when you are not in the mood! Even teachers avoid talking to these students, after all nobody like to get roasted on purpose, right?


  • THE SLEEPER CELLS: They don’t really care about what’s happening around them, once they get a chance to put their head down on the table, they’ll probably sleep the whole day until somebody wakes them up!


  • THE DAYDREAMERS: The difference between sleeper cells and day dreamers is that sleeper cells don’t care what’s happening around them, and daydreamers don’t know what’s happening around them! Sometimes they don’t even listen to what the teacher has to say, THEY JUST KEEP STARING WITH THEIR EYES WIDE OPEN AND BRAINS SLEEPIN’.



Written by: Taha Hissam (Team PS)

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