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Underground Artists

In Pakistan many artists have gone uncredited and have been forgotten. So I searched for artists that are underground and have not received the recognition they deserve. In this search I interviewed a band named Blackhour.
Interview by Zaeem Quddussi :
1)What’s up with your name? Its very very unique. How did you come up with it?
It has nice ring to it very frankly. Has grown on us and the fans out there over there years. So its pretty cool now, we don’t think on it much.

2) How did you guys form your band? Any particular reason besides making music?
Best of friends coming together and doing what we do best, playing music.

3) Any comments on the Pakistani metal music scene?
Its really something. Energetic and strong and It’s coming up fast. With big big shows going on, there is very good exposure and loads of bands get to play in front of bigger audiences. So overall its growing faster and faster especially with the new music coming up from different bands.

4) What do you guys feel when you write a new song, perform it and record it?
The writing process is actually the best part because you never really know what you’re gonna end up with. Its always a surprise for us too. Working on idea and seeing it through in the end, its an amazing feeling and at times very tough also when we write music.
Recording the song can be very silly and tiring at times but has its own charm. After all you can listen to it back to back in good quality. Haha
The feeling of performing it live is really something, hard to explain even but seeing our fans and friends out there singing along to the lyrics and melodies, its pretty kickass! We can’t thank each and every person enough for it, for all their support. The audience generate a new feeling every time we play our songs live. It’s pretty cool to witness that!

5) Describe the feeling that you get when you play live.
Can’t be described hahaha. Its really something else man. I would say you would have to witness a Blackhour show to experience that.

6) Is there any inspiration for making your music?
Tons and Tons of inspirations and usually a vast range. Can’t really talk about them all. But it varies a lot and hence adds a unique flavor to the Blackhour sound.

7) Who are your main influences? State some of the Pakistanis that have influenced you?
All of us have different influences and when we work together in Blackhour, we come as one and we all kinda think alike.
Some Pakistani underground acts such as Needlework, Nafs and a few more were always good to watch on gigs when we were growing up as kids. Then even our famous bands like Noori and all have pretty cool compositions. So it’s always good to learn and keep learning.

8) Do you have a message for the rest of the Pakistanis that you would like us (Pakistan Speaks) to convey?
Listen to Rock Music, it isn’t half bad wink emoticon

9) What are your views on Pakistan and its people in the situation of the country right now?
Pakistanis are good people man, and we are not just saying this. Majority of the population in Pakistan is not half bad and its because of these good nice people out there that we see a change in our society, betterment.
We think that one should always look at the good and positive side of the picture. Try to look for the good in people and that’s pretty much about it.
Pakistan is home!

10) What do you think of Pakistan Speaks?
It’s a good platform to speak your heart out!
Really say what you wanna say and be heard!
And Pakistan Speaks is pretty cool for interviewing a Rock band, so Cheers to that!Underground artists


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