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Pakistan Speaks interviews Umar Shahzad lead actor/writer from KhujLee Vines

Interview by Majid Maqsood (Team PS)

If you don’t know about Umar Shahzad and Khujlee vines ,
Khujlee vines is a group of students from Islamabad making vines and spreading smiles. This is most loved and popular vine group from Pakistan with many hit videos.

1 – Why and when did you start making vines ?
– We started making vines in January, 2015 and the reason behind was that almost all the members of our team were from a dramatics society of our institute so we were always having a desire to perform in front of as many people as we can and I guess this is the best platform for that.

2 – As you guys are most popular viners from Pakistan , how do you feel about that and any competition with fellow artists ?
– Alhumdulillah it’s a great feeling to achieve so much in such a short period we are blessed. No, the only competition that we have is with ourselves, we watch our old videos to improve our weak points in every regard. The fellow artist are doing a great job and we watch their videos for the sake of entertainment and like their work even.

3 – Khujlee (itch) a very unique name though attractive too ! How did you come up with this name ?
– Hahaa yeah the name is a bit strange and attractive as well, this name was suggested by one of our team member Talha tahir and we loved it.

4 – What about your inspiration ? Any artist you have been following ?
– Well, there was no such inspiration in the field of vines. But there are many actors from all the big industries who inspire us and we look up to them.

5 – What are you plans , will you continue making vines or do you have some other plans too. As your many videos are viral.
– Well our first priority is making vines but there are some other video plans in the pipeline as well. We always try to do something unique.

6 – Making vines is this is an easy task ? I don’t think so.
– No it really is not. This is a very hectic job specially when you are student. It takes a lot of time in shooting and then editing is also a tiresome job to do.

7 – Lets make it short last question is , As now a days making short videos so called vines is a trend and many people are getting in and struggling what would be your message to all of them ?
– They should learn at least the basic required things for vine making and should refrain from making cheap and immoral videos. Obviously struggle is necessary.

Any message for Pakistan Speaks ?
You guys are doing great by promoting Pakistan. Keep up the good work. Thank you !

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