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A truly disgusting event took place at Askari colony where a young girl was video taped while changing her clothes. YES! VIDEO TAPED! WHILE SHE WAS IN HER OWN ROOM! A room, meant to be an inner sanctum for every soul had been completely violated.

Three men, in their 20s who comprise the bottom feeding trash of society, considered it completely reasonable to record a woman stripping down in order to fulfill their nasty kinks….and this isn’t even the worst part. They actually tapped on this girl’s window and gave her a note, demanding that she comes outside clad in a certain kind of lingerie.

This girl however, remained unyielding and valiantly refused to be a part of the cycle of blackmail. She brought her family members with her and proceeded to lash out at these degenerates. They may have escaped with their fading manhood intact, but the girl validated the strength of a woman. This also serves as a reminder that no matter how far we improve, unless we get rid of these scums, society can never truly thrive.



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