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VIP Culture – A necessary evil?

Since I’m in a particularly deranged headspace, let’s do something that’ll really get some heads turning. You read the header. VIP culture is necessary. There! I said it! What’s anyone gonna do about it? Free speech, right? Now, before you guys try to kill me, let me explain my point. It’s gonna get a bit philosophical, so be prepared.
You see, it’s the age old principle. Without darkness, there is no light *in master Oogway’s voice*. Think about it for a moment, would there be a Goku without Vegeta? Would Lion King be as badass as it had been without Scar? Would Batman be complete without the Joker?

*laughs maniacally*

The point is that this is necessary balance. You think there’s no such thing as VIP culture in the West? It’s called ‘being rich’. Without the VIP culture, the middle class has nothing to aspire to. You don’t wanna be where you are. You want to be better. That’s basic human nature. YOU want to be that guy riding the Bentley. You wanna be the guy with your own security. That is aspirations. Without something to look up to as a necessary template, our dreams would crumble. Bear with me, after spending all of those hours hitting the books, crunching all of those mind numbing numbers, if someone walked up to you and said, you’ll still be broke no matter how much work you put into it. How cruel would that be? You’d be lying if you were to say that you don’t want the good life.

See, all of these ‘heroes’ we see on news channels; they don’t give a damn about the people. When you have power and you let it become an addiction that is where the lines between ‘necessary evil’ and ‘sin’ blur completely. Being influential shouldn’t mean that you get to be above the law. But that’s how it is and it’s what part of that sinful appeal is. Ideally, a do-gooder like myself would help all in need. Okay the part about me being a do-gooder is BS. The latter is true though. Once you’re in power, remember how you were without it. That’s how you keep the public at bay. That’s how you keep them from realizing their power. Do something for someone else. You’ll get some blessings and heck, little by little, you may even amass your own followers. How cool would that be? Best of ‘deen’ and ‘dunyah’. But the status quo is gonna be hard to change. The rich get richer and the poor just suffer. Does it have to be that way though? Nope. All we need is an anarchist. Let’s rephrase that, I wanna see an anarchist. Someone who doesn’t care for the system and would rather make his own. I’d like to do it my self, but I’m far too megalomaniacal and self aggrandizing to do it…..and I’m lazy. So you do it.

Written by Zohaib Hussain

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