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In this era of false interpretations, feelings, lovers and technology, it comes down upon us people to understand correctly the true meaning and hence identify what love actually is. The world is indeed a global village where our phone screens define our lives and the speed of the Wifi defines the rate at which it is moving.

In short, the virtual world is where we live, it is how we live and all what we know. We have indeed forgotten what feelings really are. Passion, desires, affections and contentment are terms totally alien to us. Life is moving at the speed of our connections. We have even redefined the laws of Physics like for eg. For an average person, the time taken to reply your message is directly proportional to the level at which you are prioritized etc.

These people who have barely seen the changes in life or the movement in time or even the hardships of life, claim to have witnessed betrayals that would barely let them live! What is love for them? Texting back their virtual lover all day long, saying I love you at the end of every sentence and assume a perfect life with him without even meeting him or knowing anyone’s real faces. Is that love? You sacrifice your career, your life and the reality for all this unreal shit?

We all for once need to step out of our cell phones, forget the draining batteries and breathe! Step out into that beautiful garden and take the scent of the spring flowers, play with a new born, watch it cry and try to comfort it and at least once try to talk to the old folks in your family. They are there for a reason, they knew how to live unlike us who have forgotten everything in the hurry to text back! Technology is no doubt a great advancement in the history of humans but please never let it hamper or disable you emotionally. Switch it off and live once while you still have the chance!


Written by Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

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