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‘How many likes did you get on your current display?’, ‘How many followers do you have on instagram?’, ‘What number of followers do you have on twitter?’, ‘How many viewers do you have on snapchat?’ Our lives have been stuck on these types of questions for a long time now. We have become so addicted to social media and technology that these things actually matter to us more than anything. We don’t get enough likes on a particular post so we feel worried, ignored and uncared for! Checking your phone every single second to see if you got any notification, to see if you got any likes on a picture, all this makes you happy, right? Well it’s high time that you realize how this is ruining your life!

Going out with someone used to be fun without smart phones in our pockets, but now all we care about is ‘who’s gonna put up the check-in?’ I mean can’t we just go out and enjoy our meals without having to make a story on snapchat and telling everybody what we’re doing? We used to talk to the person sitting in front of us, but now we only look at our phone screens and don’t even listen to what the other person has to say! Leading us more prone to stress, anxiety and depression. All the fun, is it worth losing all the fun in our life for a piece of metal, glass and plastic? We forgot that talking in person with somebody about a problem is way better than taking your problems to facebook to gain some attention! We have literally forgotten the meaning of ‘live your lives to the fullest’ and ‘you live only once’. Should we really spend our little time in this world on these sort of inanimate things that are least productive instead of spreading a smile on a poor stranger’s face by doing an action of random kindness? Try it sometime maybe? Trust me, you’ll feel good!

Even though the social media has brought us a lot closer, saves time, easy communication etc etc but the way we have utilized it, are we really coming close? We use it to communicate to people we never know, look into their personal lives, stalk and chat, crush over them, ask them how they are and what meals they had all day. Is that really productive? Is that how our youth is going to progress? Albert Einstein said, “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”  He was indeed right about that.

We feel we are being ignored when those ‘ticks’ on whatsapp turn ‘blue’ but we don’t get a reply. Why don’t we realize that people had to wait for days for a reply after sending a letter to somebody? It seems like we are growing older and older just to get more and more immature. All these applications are making us lazy day by day! Consider a situation, you are sitting in your room with your mother, she asks you to call your sibling from another room. Most of us would actually make a call from our phone rather than getting up from our places while playing a game.

We only live once, but if we do it right, ONCE is enough. So leave your phones at home, go out without the intention to get some good pictures to put up on instagram, keep the memory instead! Enjoying a moment through your eyes is much better than recording it on your phone just to show everybody else that you went somewhere, ate something nice or did something adventurous.



Written by Taha Hissam Mirza.

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