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Wait. Lemme explain. Whatsapp, an extremely popular communication software being used by millions of people around the world is thinking of starting it’s new year in a rather different fashion. It will in fact cease working on several platforms.


Wait…. What?? Why?? I just got my new phone! How?? All my texts…. What’ll happen next? This must be a joke, right? Nope. No joke. This is 100% true. Now before you start getting all frazzled and flustered, like I said at the start of this, lemme explain. Whatsapp is thinking of making changes in its software. It’s only gonna cease functioning across those phones which are running with the Symbian S40, S60 or those systems running the Blackberry OS. Also, iOS 6, Windows Phone 7 along with Android 2.2 and below will also be unable to run Whatsapp.


Why? Well the reason is quite simple. The company is looking to further develop it’s software and provide people with economic means of communication. How can they do that if they’re still required to compensate for dated operating systems? This step will definitely cause problems for people who don’t have the means for better phones but for the company, it’s a major development. 2017 is coming and a lot of organizations are looking to upgrade their platforms. Whatsapp, the facebook owned company, is just one of them. Let’s hope for the best. It’s pretty much the only thing we can do.


Zohaib Hussain (Team PS)

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