Seems like yesterday when we had a discussion about creating a forum where we could represent Pakistan and the people in it positively. The image that Pakistan beholds internationally is a little darker so we decided to come up with some platform to show the world a brighter side of Pakistan. Media never ceases us to scare how terroristic Pakistan is but never does even try to tell about the beauty and optimistic people in it.

The aim of Pakistan Speaks is to broadcast the brighter image of Pakistan. We’ve had great achievements in the history of Pakistan as well as of the world. We intend to help people in anyway that’s possible for us. We collect donations. We go on street to convince people to fund us. We’ve done numerous iftar drives for the needy this Ramadan. We were all volunteering in hospitals during the heat stroke. We go to underprivileged areas to see what they need and make sure they get it. Pakistan Speaks started from very scratch but is growing very rapidly.

Asher Ali Mirza - CEO & Founder of Pakistan Speaks


Hey everyone. This is the face behind Pakistan Speaks. The CEO, Asher Ali Mirza. I did my Olevels from The City School PAF Chapter and Intermediate from AKHSS. In the meantime I was covering events and weddings around the city as a professional photographer. I got as many friends as I could that were in this profession. I was always a social media freak as I always thought the social media is the newest and most affective way of communicating in this era. Updating political posts and debating on religious political matters and wining them with humour. Those well learned facts gained popularity as the guy standing up for THE CHANGE motivating people for secular unity and triggering the change via social media in the young educated youth of Pakistan. To be really honest Pakistan Speaks was created while I was half asleep in the mid of somewhere in February 2015. I just thought of making a platform to represent Pakistan in a way our media never did. Giving a chance to everyone and every talent to come up and express themselves. Promoting young talent. Making impact and representing Pakistan to the world as never seen before. I just uploaded a status by thinking “15-20 people will join in and i will make something” I woke up and found 100+ people joining me. Writers, designers, marketing and photographers. And here we are. Generating funds, people trusting me with their stories and passionate people working with me. I have a dream of changing this. I might not be able to but if I can I will. I am the change I am Pakistan Speaks.

Asher Ali Mirza