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A World With Humans Without Humanity

I’ve been scrolling down my newsfeed thats flooding with shows trending like, ‘game of thrones’, ‘man-mayal’, and those funny tweets and dubsmash videos with a million shares.
No doubt, they are pretty interesting and who doesn’t watch game of thrones and laugh on all the phuppa phuppi jokes?
But it’s that’s that sometimes we ignore the most significantly important aspects which needs to be shown on the social media; I believe that they are the ones that  MUST go viral.
I’m a normal human being and show no interests in newspapers and all the boring headlines on news channels but what I read recently made me feel guilty. And it’s about time that we, being humans, consider it.

I read about a transgender activist named, ‘Alisha Shah’ who was shot six times at Sunday night, in Peshawar. Moreover, authorities kept her waiting for an hour or so as they couldn’t decide if she should be shifted in the male ward or the female ward. Despite several requests to move her to a female ward she was treated in the male ward.
For a second, think if this person was ‘you’ battling with your life and dealing the excruciating of having six bullets inside of you, how would you encounter that as? Would you want your family begging to shift you to a ward where you’ll be catered to, properly?
Each one of us, being part of the society has rights. And yet, such recurrent situations occur.
We pretend to be the kindest people helping and serving humanity. Where is humanity now? Where is kindness now when a human being is lying infront of you struggling for life and you’re just confused over her damn gender?
Think about it..
We’re a world growing with humans without humanity .
May Allah guide us all.

By Laiba Abid



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