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Your mutton nihari Sir!

Travelling thousands of miles and making it successfully into your plates, the mutton has to cover a tough journey. A journey most of us wouldn’t like to acknowledge, probably because it’s creepy but the facts can’t be denied can they? The sole purpose to share this little piece of information is merely not to discourage you from your appetite but to grieve over the fact that we have fallen easy victims to the hands of filthy money makers who have forgotten that they are to feed these to live humans, many of which might be sick elderly, or even pregnant women or general public.

The following picture was captured on the streets of Karachi as the meat was being carried from slaughter houses to the local butchers in an extremely hygienic manner, overlooking the fact that it was uncovered and providing surface for the adherence of all sorts of environmental pollutants. Not to forget, the truck was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before they hung up the meat on the rusty old hooks. The driver then carefully drove right up to the katchi gali filled up with over flowing swage where the meat was unloaded and placed with delicacy on the fore cleaned and polished table of the butcher who left the steaks in the front row to undergo the process of presalivation and partial digestion with the assistance of flies.

Your favorite restaurant service has signed up a contract with the hardworking butcher, he is supplied with the freshly processed meat after the long day. After which the meat is kept dipped in more spices in high quality containers and finally cooked with the bestest supply of diesel oil. Not to forget the secret ingredient, the sweat of the hardworking and dedicated chef!


But no sir, it’s completely sound to have your mutton nihari. We hope you enjoy till the last bite.

Written by: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

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