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Zabaan Ka Kya Faida Jab Zehar He Ugalna Hai?

A story associated with the people of special children school karsaz.
“The time when I used to laugh with friends, the time I used to cry,the time I used to sing , the time I used to listen and the time I used to hear everything but now I am not able to speak nor listen but though I can speak a lot more then a person and listen only what I want to listen.I was 19 year old and it was the day when i was going to give my second year exams but i never knew it was the worst day of my life . I had an accident after which I was not able to speak nor able to listen. I left over my college and was admitted in the special children school Karsaz where I was given the training to speak through actions and to listen (Here listening refers to catch the actions of others to figure out what the person is saying) . I thought that this is the end of my life even I tried to commit suicide but as only Allah knows what is in our fate so every time I was saved by my family or my teachers . My parents and friends supported me a lot and now after 4 years of my struggle I was able to survive and then I gave the exams in 2014 and got a really good grade and now I am working at special children school at Karsaz and I am satisfied with Allah to give me such supporting friends and family . People say dumb and deaf cannot say or listen anything I believe that only our actions are enough to say a lot. We as the normal people can speak and listen but its useless,we use our tongues to abuse or criticize someone,we listen to what we should not be listening and don’t listen the voices which our society needs to hear. I have seen these people they have there own world, they speak a lot but with no sound in it they listen to each other , they understand each other, I believe they are not special they are one of us only the difference is they don’t make noise as we do they believe in actions .”


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