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Zafar Moti; A businessman

Team Pakistan Speaks interviews Mr. Zafar Moti, the Chief Executive of Zafar Moti Capital Securities (Pvt) Ltd, holds an MBA degree from Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
He also has over 20 years of capital market experience.

* How did you established, Zafar Moti capital securities ?
Ans) Basically we are here in Karachi stock exchange from 3 generations, and my grandfather was one of the founding member of KSE, 1953. In the same year he established his own brokerage house . After that my father worked there on commission and with the time he bought his own membership in KSE, 1967. The same trend i followed and established my own brokerage house in 1989, now these 3 brokerage house are under my supervision at different times. If you see our riches to rags and rags to riches, are all linked with the economic condition of Pakistan. I was born here in Karach , did my schooling from St. Pats after my school college I completed my intermediated from Government Commerce College.

* What thing influenced you to come here, to Karachi Stock Exchange ?
Ans) Nothing was like that, it was all about money.
When we use to travel abroad with father, we realized in that period what your wealth can do , if you don’t have wealth your mind is idle . I came here with the persuation of wealth otherwise I was a leftist type of person , the things and music I was following at that time was a socialist school of thought even my father. Although our business was a totally opposite thing , if you see a stock exchange it fully represent capitalism , again it was all about money .

*) Have you ever experienced anyting which gave you fear or a type of major failure ?
Ans) Almost 3 times I have been to the edge of bankruptcy , from direct Mercedes to Charade. I have seeneverything in my life, even my father.

* How do you see the other Stock giants ?
Ans) It is a survival of the fittest. they still consider us as competitors ,they know if they will slow down we will capture their market , basically it is a Doggy dog market.

* How do you see the current economic situation ?
Ans) Nothing has changed , its all same . There was a bit expectations of turn around but because of huge external depth it didn’t work. And the second thing is population bomb , we are growing too fast but we don’t have that much resources to tackle these situation .


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