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Zakat Do, Bachon Ko Parhao

I am a 2014 Fellow for Teach For Pakistan working with primary grade kids at Ibrahim Hyderi, Korangi Karachi.

Coming directly to the point. So basically for the last three months I have been trying to transition my students to better performing schools in the area because the prevalent condition in this govt school is beyond pathetic.

Masha Allah by the grace of Allah, 20 of my students have cleared the test for PAF school and we are aiming to transfer all of them to this school. This calls out for massive funds and technically IT CAN BE YOUR ZAKAT MONEY. A calculated amount of 75,000 (including admission fees, uniform, course) is required for the first year per child. Please help change one life n reach out to all your networks to be a part of something huge in a child’s development.

I am here for more details. Please feel free to talk. The deadline is the second week of April so please show urgency. Jazak Allah. Hope you can pitch in smile emoticon


Q1. Account Details?

Here are the Account Details
Title: Hammad Khalid – Bank: Standard Chartered

IBAN: PK27 SCBL 0000 0012 8770 9001
Account # 012 8770 9001

Q2. Can it be Zakat money?

Yes. Absolutely. Referred to Mufti Taqi Usmani’s disciple – Mufti Ashraf.

Q3. How is it sustainable?

After their admissions and the first year payments, we will connect them with mentors who will be responsible for their complete education till at-least matriculation. For now, we have 4 mentors who have taken ownership of a child for the current grade and next grade levels. (Students will be moving in the 5th or 6th Grade)

Please reach out at or 0345-3133759

-Spread the word.


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